Greener, Lighter, Smarter


Ultratech™ Mesh

Ultratech mesh is a technological solution to a challenge facing the produce packaging industry.

It answers the call for sustainability through source reduction while providing the breathability produce requires. It performs as no other mesh by offering a unique combination of strength, stability, and flexibility in a lightweight, non-bulky material with an appealing diamond design.

Ultratech mesh:

• Is light in weight and mass
• Delivers a high strength-to-weight ratio
• Reduces shipping costs
• Requires less space for storage
• Maintains package shape with stable construction
• Reduces label materials and improves label appearance
• Is gentle on produce and appealing to consumers
• Showcases produce with attractive diamond pattern
• Improves your green appeal
• Provides a variety of marketing advantages

The total amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases attributable to a source, such as a company or product, over its entire life cycle.

Made in the USA
Ultratech mesh is made in the USA by an American family-owned company. It represents the ability of American leadership, technology, and innovation to achieve important goals.

About Volm Companies
Ultratech mesh is a revolutionary new packaging option that changes everything. That’s why it’s so important that it’s provided by a supplier you can trust. Volm Companies is a tested and true partner to the produce industry for over 60 years.