Packaging is an area for improving the sustainability score of a product. Using Ultratech mesh as your packaging material delivers real, dramatic, demonstrable improvements that carry through to your product.

Less fossil fuel used in production

  • New production technology uses less energy
  • Lightweight material consumes less fossil fuel

Higher strength-to-material weight ratio

  • Less physical mass without compromising strength or stability

Other transportation and storage advantages also make products that use Ultratech mesh greener.

The advantages that Ultratech mesh offers may vary when compared to the different mesh products available in the marketplace.

With Ultratech mesh, less weight and bulk per bag result in better cubing that makes shipping more efficient. The following figures demonstrate how Ultratech mesh improves pallet and truckload efficiency.
  • Up to 50% more bags per truck cuts fuel consumption
  • Up to 30% fewer trucks reduces total shipping costs

Less space required for storage

  • 100% more bags per pallet cuts storage footprint in half
The advantages that Ultratech mesh offers may vary when compared to the different mesh products available in the marketplace.

Ultratech mesh was designed from the start as a produce packaging material. That goal – and its development by Volm Companies, a veteran company that truly understands the packaging industry – has ensured that it performs the way any good packaging must:

Runs on existing packing equipment

  • Available on pre-made bags and high-capacity roll
  • High-capacity rolls reduce production downtime
  • Lightweight and low profile mesh provides high production speeds
  • Easily used with automatic closures
  • Available in many configurations, sizes, and closure styles

Delivers outstanding stability

  • Structured mesh travels well through automated equipment
  • Eliminates “necking out” during filling process

Better labeling

  • Reduces labeling materials
  • Low profile labels allow high-capacity rolls
The advantages that Ultratech mesh offers may vary when compared to the different mesh products available in the marketplace.

Ultratech mesh can give you a competitive edge – and not just by making your company and your product more green. That’s become a powerfully marketable characteristic in today’s marketplace, but the marketing advantages of Ultratech mesh go further:

Softer touch

  • Gentler on produce, protects contents
  • More appealing feel for customers

Better shelf presence showcases the product

  • Distinctive diamond pattern dresses up your produce
  • Flexible color options – single or multiple
  • Stable construction maintains package shape
  • Flatter label presents crisper, cleaner appearance
  • More capabilities for merchandising options

Improve your green appeal

  • Greener products are being demanded by retailers and consumers alike
  • Consumers can visually perceive that packaging is reduced
  • Genuinely more sustainable, eliminating empty and deceptive ‘greenwashing’ claims
  • Build your green credentials to access green markets

Ultratech mesh is a product that does more than strive to be greener. It achieves real, practical environmental sustainability. It delivers both marketplace performance and sustainability.

True sustainability is all about achieving a balance of social, economic, and environmental factors to meet present needs without compromising the future.

At Volm Companies, we’re proud to showcase Ultratech mesh as a product that makes our operations substantially more green. And because it is a demonstrably more green alternative to existing packaging, it can help you make your product and your company more green, your operations more sustainable, and your profits more secure.

By using Ultratech mesh, you can reduce your product’s carbon footprint (the total amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases attributable to it over its entire life cycle). It’s a real change you can make – one that cannot be considered “greenwashing”.

Ultratech mesh is, quite simply, the smart green packaging option the industry has been waiting for.

Analysis compares Ultratech mesh to Raschel mesh.

Greener, Lighter, Smarter
Ultratech mesh was designed and perfected specifically to deliver strength and stability in a sustainable produce packaging alternative.

But there’s more to Ultratech mesh than source reduction: It balances greener, lighter, and smarter qualities to deliver advantages at every step of your operation.

Made in the USA
Ultratech mesh is made in the USA by an American family-owned company. It represents the ability of American leadership, technology, and innovation to achieve important goals.

About Volm Companies
Ultratech mesh is a revolutionary new packaging option that changes everything. That’s why it’s so important that it’s provided by a supplier you can trust. Volm Companies is a tested and true partner to the produce industry for over 60 years.